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Black Yeast Beta Glucan

The All-In-One Beta Glucan

Beta Glucan

If you are looking for information on beta glucan, I hope you will leave here understanding what beta glucan really is and which beta glucan does the most for you. This is not about a superior brand of beta glucan. It is about the most potent and powerful beta glucan. Do we promote a particular brand of beta glucan? No. We promote a particular form of beta glucan which is commercially available now.

Not All Beta Glucans Are Created Equal

You might have heard of oat beta glucan, barley beta glucan, mushroom beta glucan, and baker’s yeast beta glucan. Many have been consuming oat beta glucan, such as BG22, for the sake of heart health and cholesterol problems. And many felt the effect of this type of beta glucan in improving their cholesterol condition. Others have been taking beta glucan from mushroom and felt the general health condition improved.

Black Yeast Beta Glucan

This is all great. But, there is one particular type of beta glucan which possesses every benefit of oat, barley, and mushroom beta glucans, and that is yeast beta glucan.

This site focuses on Black Yeast Beta Glucan, a potent form of yeast beta glucan. We promote this particular commercial brand of black yeast beta glucan because it is the same brand used in some of the clinical studies.

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Black Yeast Beta Glucan – What is it?

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Science Behind Black Yeast Beta Glucan

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Benefits Summary of Black Yeast Beta Glucan

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