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Black Yeast Beta Glucan Product – Black Yeast Beta Glucan Acfa G Max Ex

Black Yeast Beta Glucan Product

Black Yeast Beta Glucan

Black Yeast Beta Glucan Acfa G Max Ex

Black Yeast Beta Glucan product is a potent beta glucan product produced through the black yeast aureobasidium pullatans by fermentation as mentioned in the previous post on Black Yeast Beta Glucan. This black yeast beta glucan product has been made available to the public in Japan and other countries long before we come to know its existence.

Malaysian can now officially and legally purchase this Black Yeast Beta Glucan product within Malaysia. Here we introduce to you the one and only Black Yeast Beta Glucan Acfa G Max Ex. This is also the only black yeast beta glucan product in gel form and a great product, if not the best beta glucan.

Black Yeast Beta Glucan Acfa G Max Ex

The Black Yeast Beta Glucan Acfa G Max Ex has been approved as food by the Food Safety And Quality Division of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia (view certificate here). This unprecedented yeast beta glucan product is licensed to Pro Health Medics Sdn Bhd and we are an approved agent to market this product.

Black Yeast Beta Glucan Acfa G Max Ex Product Description


Figure 2. Japan Supplement Council Safety Mark for Black Yeast Beta Glucan Acfa G Max Ex

Packaging : 15g x 30 sachet (450g)
Form: Liquid Gel Type
Label : Black Yeast Beta Glucan Acfa G Max Ex (Beta Glucan Ex Liquid + Apply Polyphenol)
Origin : Made in Japan
Safety : Certified safe by the Japan Supplement Council (Figure 2)

As can be seen from the first picture above, the black yeast beta glucan product is packaged in sachet and can be easily consumed right from the sachet. When you pour out the gel into a spoon, it looks like the one shown in Figure 3 below.


Figure 3. Black Yeast Beta Glucan Gel

The taste of this beta glucan gel is somewhat peculiar unlike anything we have tasted before. Some said it’s bland, while others said it has a tint of apple flavor.

The gel form of this product has certain advantages which other forms could not provide:

  • Easily consumed without water
  • Rapidly absorbed by the intestines
  • No loss of nutrients during production as no high temperature was used in the process
  • Completely natural without any flour, preservative, additive, coloring, flavoring or chemicals
  • Can also be consumed with regular daily meal

How To Consume

To consume the product, simply peal off one end of the sachet and squeeze the content into the mouth and swallow. You can drink some water after this if you wish to.

Black Yeast Beta Glucan Is Backed By Solid Research

Though this product is licensed as food or food supplement in Malaysia, it is not an ordinary product without scientific evidence. On the contrary, this marvelous food grade beta glucans from black yeast has been studied for its properties in laboratory and for clinical applications.

Dr Takeo Hasegawa

Dr Takeo Hasegawa

Dr. Takeo Hasegawa, a radiation specialist from the Faculty of Radiological Technology in the Department of Health Science at the Suzuka University of Medical Science in Japan, has been studying and investigating beta glucans derived from black yeast.

The Immune System Benefits

This beta glucan product has been shown to be beneficial to the body’s immune functions. Dr Hasegawa explains the large molecule of beta glucans in this product, known as polysaccharides, work to stimulate the intestine when ingested.

The stimulation of the yeast beta glucan polysaccharides in the intestine has the effect of calling the immune cells macrophages to gather together. This gathering of the macrophages enables them to release the hormones cytokines. The cytokines work at the systemic level by going around the body and waking up the entire immune system of the body. This results in the body’s immune functions being stronger and ready to take on any foreign harmful substances that enter the body.

Cellular Repair

It is now known that the cells of our body consist of hairlike whiskers protruding from the surface of each cell. These whiskers are sugar chains playing the role of transmitting information between cells and from cell to cell. This information relay mechanism allows the cells to understand each other’s role and functions, thereby vital in making the body, cells and tissues function harmoniously and in collaboration as one entity. Unfortunately, the sugar chains can be damaged by various factors, including aging, free radicals, oxidation and a host of other factors.

The polysaccharides of black yeast beta glucan that enter the intestine can be fragmented. The fragments of the polysaccharides are absorbed through the intestine and attach themselves to the damaged sugar chains whiskers. The attached fragmented polysaccharides will repair and restore the damaged whisker like sugar chains. This action of cellular repair results in rejuvenation of the body cells, thereby enabling the body to self-heal.

As Soluble Dietary Fiber

The gel of this product is water soluble and also plays the role of dietary fiber. Dr Hasegawa also shows that this gel is very effective in forming fibrous colloids in the presence of waste environment. This indicates that the beta glucans produced by the black yeast is powerful in cleaning up the colon and detoxification.


Radiation and a host of other causes can generate free radicals in the body. Radiation produces active oxygen which is a free radical that goes round the body robbing away electrons and causing severe damages to the cells and tissues. Beta glucans from black yeast, according to Dr Hasegawa, is effective in neutralizing the damaging effect of free radicals, such as active oxygen.

Clinical Treatment : Beta Glucan And Cancer

NK Cells

NK Cells

The impact and effects of this product on the immune functions of the body provide far reaching implications in clinical applications. The immune system encompasses and influences many aspects of the body and health. A defected or partially functional immune system can result in many deleterious consequences on the body and our health. Some examples of immune system disorders are autoimmune diseases, cancer and inflammatory diseases. As you can see, the problems can be mild or severe depending on the type of diseases but the impact is definitely wide and deep.

Dr Mutsutaka Hosoi

Dr Mutsutaka Hosoi

Dr Mutsutaka Hosoi, Director at the Hosoi Dermatology Clinic in Fukuoka city, Kyushu, Japan, is one of the doctors who uses food therapy on his patients. He has been using Black Yeast Beta Glucan, the exact same product presented in this review, to treat his cancer patients. Dr Hosoi’s cancer therapy is effective because research has demonstrated that beta glucan was able to double the power of NK cells in fighting cancer cells and virus-infected cells.

Live Interview With Dr Takeo Hasegawa

The following is a video from our YouTube channel featuring live interview with Dr Hasegawa explaining his research and results, as well as what does beta glucan do. Please watch it so you can better understand the discussion on the beta glucan product.

Live Interview With Dr Mutsutaka Hosoi

The following video is also from our YouTube channel featuring live interview with Dr Mutsutaka Hosoi.

Summary Video of this product review

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Black Yeast Beta Glucan

Black Yeast Beta Glucan – What Is It?

Black Yeast Beta Glucan is essentially as the name implies, beta glucan produced from black yeast. The black yeast in the black yeast beta glucan refers to Aureobasidium pullutans. Using this strains of yeast, black yeast beta glucan can be obtained through fermentation. Though many people are aware of beta glucans, very few are familiar with black yeast beta glucan.

Black Yeast Beta Glucan

Black Yeast Beta Glucan

What Really Is Black Yeast Beta Glucan?

Black Yeast Beta Glucan is actually a string of sugar molecules forming what is known as polysaccharide. Polysaccharide is basically a macromolecules, composed of long carbohydrate molecule with many units of sugar connected together through special bonds. The molecule string can be linear or branched depending on the types of polysaccharide.

The Structure of Black Yeast Beta Glucan

Black Yeast Beta Glucan Structure

Black Yeast Beta Glucan Structure

Beta Glucans produced from Black Yeast are represented by the formula beta-1,3/1,6-glucan or beta 1,3/1,6 glucan. The 1,3 nomenclature refers to the main string or trunk of the black yeast beta glucan, while the 1,6 refers to the side chain or the branches.

Structurally, the beta glucans from black yeast consist of a main string or main trunk, represented by beta-1,3-glucan. It also has many side strings or branches represented by beta-1,6-glucan.

The beta in the name or in any beta glucans stands for the bond or linkage joining the sugar molecules together. Technically, it is known as beta glycosidic bond.

What So Special About Black Yeast Beta Glucan?

Yeast beta glucan or beta glucan from yeast is considered to be the ‘mother’ of all beta glucans. This is easily understood once you realize that yeast beta glucan renders the widest spectrum of effects and benefits to the body compared to other beta glucans.

The table below compares the benefits of beta glucan obtained from different sources.

 Comparison of Benefits From Beta Glucans of Different Sources
Source of Beta Glucan Dietary Fiber Heart Health Immune System Benefits Other Benefits
Black Yeast Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mushroom No No Yes No
Oat Yes Yes No No
Barley Yes Yes No No

Benefits of Black Yeast Beta Glucan

The potency and power of black yeast beta glucan and yeast beta glucan lie in its broad spectrum of functions, effects and benefits.

1. Stimulates the Immune Cells. This effect of stimulation on the immune cells such as macrophages, natural killer (NK) cells and other white blood cells can enhance the immune system functions.

2. As soluble fibers. This has the effects of lowering the LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, thereby reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases and strokes.The dietary fiber characteristic can help relieve constipation as well as promoting detoxification.

3. Moderates the excessive response of the Immune system. This can help reduce allergies and auto-immune diseases.

4. Moderates blood sugar levels. This is beneficial to glucose metabolic ailments such as diabetes.

5. Strengthens the immune system against infections. This can help prevent bacterial and viral infections, respiratory infections, and even chronic fatigue syndrome.

6. Promote sense of satiety. This will translate into the benefits of weight management.

7. Free radicals inhibitor. Free radicals are known to cause oxidation leading to aging. By inhibiting free radicals, the black yeast beta glucans have anti-aging, anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation effects.

8. Moisturizes the skin. This can help in anti-aging as well as wound healing.

The above functions, effects and benefits of black yeast beta glucans are by no means exhaustive because the immune system covers essentially the entire human body. Hence, any positive effects on the immune response and/or immune system by these beta glucans will translate into a wide range of health benefits. Beta Glucan has been used to fight against cancer successfully. This is an important application of black yeast beta glucans. The topics of cancer therapy using beta glucan deserve special attention. As such, we will devote more articles to this large topic in upcoming posts and articles.

Beta glucans are not produced by our body. As a result, we need to obtain this potent cellular food from external sources. Because of the wide spectrum of health benefits, black yeast beta glucans are ideal cellular supplements for general health, prevention as well as disease treatment.

Black Yeast Beta Glucan is a beta glucan that works for more parts of the body than any other beta glucan from sources other than black yeast.